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Ontario Suffolk Sire 
Reference Association

 About the Association
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Bill and John showing off the OSSRA display. The Ontario Suffolk Sire Reference Association was formed in the spring of 1996 to better meet the demands of  today's ever changing lamb-meat market. The concept of the OSSRA's sire referencing program was taken from the U.K. where it was developed and tested. In just five years the U.K. breeders had increased the average flock index by 42%. On average their lambs were 5.4 KG (11.88 lbs.) heavier at 20 weeks than they were in 1990, the result of gaining 1.45 mm in additional muscle.

Thus it is hoped that with enough members joining the Association that the genetic pool will allow steady progress towards the OSSR's ultimate goals of improved terminal sires for sales to commercial producers.

Sire Referencing is a viable method of improving the performance level of your flock. Progress is relatively rapid, although somewhat slow the first two years of the program. The Ontario Suffolk Sire Reference is modeled and maintains ties with the U.K. program and enjoys the full support of the Ontario ROP program as well as the Ontario Sheep Marketing Association. It is believed with the combined experience of the founding members and the ties that have been forged to date by the Association that the OSSRA will experience many years of growth and success.

The Elements for Success

"What's Involved ? " You Might Ask

Each producer must provide a minimum of fifteen (15) registered Suffolk ewes to be bred to the Association's Reference Sire. The cost of the semen, sponges, and AI are paid by the producer (member).

The Association Fees are set every year to better reflect the ongoing costs of operation and serviceability.

One of the goals of the OSSRA is to achieve larger
Loin Eye Area !!!





**An example of improved loin-eye area



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