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Sire Semen Health Status
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The rams to be used must be free of the following diseases in order to be considered in the selection process.

(1) Blue Tongue An arthropod borne REOVIRUS that may
cause congenital deformities.
(2) Brucella Ovis An infection of rams mainly, which may cause sterility.
Also known as ram epididymitis. One to five percent
of ewes can abort if they receive this organism.
(3) Brucellosis Stat CF A principal cause of abortion. Dx by culture.
(4) Leptospirosis Three syndromes are associated:
1) acute systematic disease, especially in lambs.
2) abortions due to members of the Hebdomadis, Australis
3) postpartum agalactia due to LEPTOSPIRA HARDJO
      infection in sheep.
(5) Maedi-Visna (OPP) Also known as Ovine Progressive Pneumonia,
this is a virus based disease in sheep.
Known the world over and can be blood tested.
(6) Paratuberculosis (Johne's) Usually afterbile with chronic weight loss.
Softening of fecal material might be seen.
(7) Tuberculosis Tuberculosis is very rare in sheep. In rare clinical cases,
respiratory involvement is usually seen.

The above tests must be done before entering the AI unit and must be repeated thirty days later before semen can be withdrawn.

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